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Although I started with literally zero in the bank account, there is one thing I learnt so well from my parents
never get into high-interest debt.

But some people did fall into credit card debts and personal loans.
If you are currently in this category, I would like to share the good news with you.
Keep reading till the end because I'm coming up with a training program to reward you for settling your debts.

Feel free to share this with friends and family who might need it.
Who knows, it could change their lives, and they will thank you for referring them.

Over the years, I have served thousands of paid students and hundred thousand readers and followers.
Through my program that touches on stock and property investing, many members have significantly benefited from our guidance.

But to invest and grow wealth, one needs to have a sound fundamental.
At least some amount of savings is required.
However, if you have no savings but only card debts, you are racing way behind the starting line on a marathon.
You will have to work extra hard!
I am here to lend a hand if you allow me.

Because of the high interest of 18% or more, settling it ASAP is the best investment return you can get right now.

If you can commit to doing this, I'll reward you with cash, up to RM100.
The reward comes from my pocket. 

Did I write this by mistake?
No, it is not a mistake.

I design a training program to help you get out of debt.
Besides doing it for free, I will pay you to complete the program and get out of bad debt.

Why am I doing this?
Is there a catch?

I know that if I can help you to settle your debt, you will not hesitate to sign up for my other programs when you have the means to do so.
Having raving fans is one thing, but I would love to help those who might need helps the most.

RM100 is not going to settle your debt.
So you still need to work your ass off to see the result.

But inside the program, I'll show you my method, step by step guide that will get you the result.

Of course, this is real money involved.
I will not fork out my money to serve people who don't deserve it.
So an application is required.

Please send in your latest 3-month credit card statements showing that you have outstanding payments and paying high-interest rates for the balance.


How to Apply to the Debt Domination Program

Here is the process to apply:

  1. Prepare at least three monthly credit card statements showing outstanding balances.
  2. Email to [email protected]
  3. Email subject: Debt Domination Program Application
  4. Email content: Tell me the reason you have these debts
  5. We will put you through the program if you qualify.

FYI, I don't have unlimited money to reward people who go through this program. So please grab this opportunity while it lasts.

'Never spend your money before you have it.' —Thomas Jefferson.

Be smarter with money!

Financial educator, author and trainer


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