Who Else Wants to Fly Business Class, and Take Your Family Along on Overseas Vacation Without Spending Your Own Money?

And repeat that every year in Japan, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa and the USA!

I have flown multiple times on business class air tickets for free.

I am not talking about some sponsored company trips. Some MNC employees get to enjoy it. If you are lucky to have that treat, kudos to you for having a great career. 

Here, I am referring to anybody living in Malaysia. As long as you can apply for credit cards and have a Malaysian IC number, you can do what we have done.

With the right combination of strategies and untold methods, my circle of friends and I have accumulated millions of air miles to 

  • Exchange for free premium class flight tickets (business class, first class, suite etc.)

  • Purchase air tickets by paying just a fraction of the required airfare. 

And you can get all these, probably without spending any extra money. 

Flight to Holiday Spots Cost a BOMB!

Do you have enough overseas vacation?

Imagine yourself planning a vacation for your whole family to a foreign country, somewhere a little bit farther than the neighbouring countries. Not Singapore, not Thailand, not Indonesia, not anywhere in South East Asia.

Your spouse has talked about a week-long vacation. Maybe Japan, Korea, or Australia. Let’s settle in Europe. 

What will be the most significant expense of all?

The first and foremost big ticket item to confirm first is the flight. The second thing is accommodation.

For a trip for your couple, the airfare alone could be more than RM10,000 on an economy flight. Say you have a son like mine who is a teenager. Do you want to bring him along? If yes, add another RM5,000.

Last time, I used to argue with my wife. When our son was a toddler, I told my wife not to take him along. Because he would not remember a thing of all the attractions as he was too young. It would be a waste of money. 

Then my wife insisted that it was a family vacation. Why would we leave a family member behind? We got to spend more quality time with our only child. It is for our own happiness, not merely to please the child. 

Happy wife, happy life! My wife is always right about this kind of discussion. So we paid extra for my son's ticket, accommodation and admission fees to attractions spots.

But for the past few years, I have never had this kind of dilemma. It is not because we are making and having more money now. The truth is that we no longer have this consideration when the air ticket is free, or almost free.

So I have brought my son on a business class flight several times already, to Seattle, San Francisco, and Taipei. In 2022 alone, my son has travelled on business class flight tickets four times already. 

When flying business class, we get to enjoy:

luxury that I wouldn't pay with my own money, unless I am extremely wealthy (like >RM50 million net worth)

  • No queue on check-in counter, so you will not waste an hour just to wait for your turn to check-in your luggages

  • Fast lane on airport security check.

  • Lounge access (meaning free food, shower, drinks, exclusive rest area, etc)

  • Fine dining in the lounge (not all airports has this, but we had experienced it in San Francisco Airport)

  • 3-course dining on flight, on a much bigger lie-flat seat

And we paid way less than the passengers who bought the cheapest economy flight tickets.

Do you also want the same privilege, without breaking your wallet? If you know how to do this the most economical way to enjoy luxury, imagine how your next vacation will be.

Introducing the High Fly Method

Join me and my circle of friends who has been flying business class all around the world without paying for it!

  • Best Return from your Daily Spending

    How to get the best return from your day-to-day spending without increasing your expenses so you can get the best air miles conversion

  • Use the Best Credit Cards for Air Miles

    Where and how to get the best cards for air miles conversion, even if your income does not qualify for it, so you can have the same privilege as those who are eligible.

  • "Purchase" Air Miles at a Discount

    How to "purchase" air miles at a fraction of the cost so you can exchange for the premium class ticket, which means you will start flying business class on your next vacation onwards

Not Everyone Can Benefit from the High Fly Method

If you have no interest in bringing your family for an overseas vacation, or you are just simply not interested in travelling at all, then this is not for you.

Because when you know what we do, and the things that we share with our circle of close friends, and now to the members of the High Fly Method, you will be able to do these stuff:

5X Tickets to London

Congratulations to Azizah on getting 5 tickets to London!

Just within the first few months, we've seen countless success stories from our members. From saving thousands of dollars on flights to booking once-in-a-lifetime vacations, the High Fly Method has helped people achieve their travel dreams. And with our 100% success rate for members who follow the course's tips and strategies, we're confident that we can help you too.

Flight to Holiday Spots Cost a BOMB!

Case #1: Family of 8 travelling on business class to Europe

My friend Peter Lim celebrated his birthday on the flight from London back to Penang. His wife, in-law family, and three children flew together in business class on their one-month Europe vacation in August 2022. 

The air tickets were close to being free. 

So if you love to put a big smile on your wife's face for the entire long-haul flight, the High Fly Method is for you. 

Honestly, if I use my money to buy that expensive ticket, my wife will scold me!

Case #2: Attend Berkshire AGM in Omaha, USA

Our friend Marcus went to Berkshire Hathaway AGM in May 2022 to meet the legendary Warren Buffett. His flights in business class were all redeemed through SIA Krisflyer miles. It takes some time to accumulate these air miles. Is it worth it?

Hell yeah! Who doesn't want to travel comfortably, especially on a long-haul flight?

Case #3: Free flight to Osaka

My friend Leong brought his wife and two children to Japan for vacation in 2019. They didn't fly business class. But he got 4 economy tickets, all for free. Even if you are not interested in the luxury of travelling in style, I bet saving thousands of ringgit on airfare will ease your vacation budget. Isn't that the dream of most family men or women? 

I love taking my family on vacation. I guess you do, too, especially when you can save thousands of dollars on transportation.

2X Business Class tickets to Istanbul

This member got the tickets within 4 months after joining the course.

He shared the good news with us in the Telegram group chat.
Telegram group chat - redeem ticket to Istanbul

You might be wondering: "Will this work for me?"

This will work for you as long as:

  • You are a Malaysian adult citizen, with Malaysian IC

  • You have an income to apply for credit cards. If you have no income (e.g. retiree, housewife, etc.), you must have RM30k to pledge as Fixed Deposit

TJ Saved >RM5000 for Family Trip to Taipei

Within two months, TJ had saved RM5000, and he was ecstatic. He had never thought it was possible to save so much money in such a short period. He credited the High Fly Method for his success, saying that the program's approach had made saving money simple and achievable.
Telegram group chat - Testimonial TJ saved RM5000

Why Would You Want to Learn This?

It is absolutely beneficial to you when you want to:

  • Save a lot on airfare

  • Fly to a foreign country

  • Bring your spouse, children and parents on a vacation

Sukhwinder Used the High Fly Method to Accumulate More Points in 2 Months than 3 Years!

Sukhwinder had been a member of the High Fly Method for only two months, and he had already accumulated more points than he had in the past three years before joining. Thanks to the program's practical tips and advice on how to earn and maximize points, Sukhwinder was able to save more points in a shorter amount of time. If you want to learn how to earn and maximize points effectively, the High Fly Method can help. With its practical tips and advice on earning points, you too can accumulate points faster and achieve your travel goals. Don't let high ticket prices hold you back from attending the events you want to attend. Join the High Fly Method today and start earning points towards your travel goals.

Eventually, just one air ticket alone will pay off the enrollment fee to the High Fly Method.

Imagine this ---- Your loved one (spouse, parent, or child) is now sitting on a business class seat, enjoying her fine dining experience at 35,000 feet above the Pacific Ocean. She looks over to you and puts on a bright smile. Knowing that you got this ticket for her, almost free, what would she say to you?

Mark was able to save RM30,000 and book 5 business class tickets to Tokyo for his family vacation

Just like Mark, you too can accumulate enough points to book business class tickets to your dream destination and enjoy the vacation of a lifetime with your family. All it takes is a little bit of knowledge and a willingness to put in the effort to earn and maximize points. When you join the High Fly Method, you'll get access to a supportive community of like-minded travelers who are all working towards the same goal: to travel more and save money at the same time.

Course curriculum

What we cover in the High Fly Method:

    1. How to Join the Telegram Group

    1. Overview of the High Fly Method Blueprint

    2. Audio Only

    3. Presentation Slides

    1. How to Accumulate Airmiles Fast

    2. Audio Only

    3. Presentation Slides: Module 2

    1. How to Redeem Your Flight Tickets

    2. Audio Only

    3. Presentation Slides

    1. Update 2022 Nov

    2. Update 2022 Nov (Audio only)

    3. Update 2022 Nov (Slides)

About this course

  • RM997.00
  • 13 lessons

2x Business Class tickets to Fukuoka

It's always encouraging to see members of the High Fly Method getting results within a relatively short amount of time. It goes to show that with the right strategies and guidance, anyone can learn how to earn and maximize points for travel savings.


If you have more question, email us at support@kclau.com

  • Do I need to apply for new cards?

    Maybe you already have the cards we want you to apply for. It is the golden key to accumulating air miles effectively. Having the "golden key" is just the first step. We show you the ways to accelerate your miles accumulation. If you don't have the cards yet, we teach you how you can apply for one, even if you don't have any income documents.

  • What if my income does not qualify?

    We have got close friends who received the principal card as a housewife. She has no income. If you have the budget to travel overseas, you should be able to get this card. When you have these cards, you will cut your airfare by 50% or more.

  • How much do I need to spend on the card? Do I need to swipe enormous amounts on the credit card to make it worthwhile?

    If you spend a lot with your credit cards already, it helps. If not, it is okay too because you don't need to spend much money. We show you how to purchase the miles at a fraction of the cost in Module 2.

  • Is there a refund or guarantee?

    Sorry that we don't provide a refund within the first 30 days. But we will refund you after two years, provided that you did what we showed you in the course and couldn't get a business class ticket. I'm confident that you will get to fly business class or get economy class at a considerable discount if you follow our method. It should be a 100% success rate. But if you are thinking of coming in, see what it is about, then ask for a refund; I couldn't let you in. The reason is that the method we talk about is not supposed to be a piece of public knowledge. This will protect the interest of those who joined.

  • This price is high for my standard. I'm not sure if it is worth it.

    If you only have a vacation budget to South East Asia countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, Singapore and Indonesia, you probably won't benefit much from these short flights. But suppose you are thinking of overseas vacation at farther places like Taipei, Osaka, Sydney, New Zealand, San Francisco, London, Frankfurt, etc. In that case, ONE TICKET is all it takes to pay off this enrollment fee, many times over!

  • How soon can I fly business class?

    With proper planning, depending on where you fly to and how many people are flying with you. Getting a business class return ticket to Taipei shouldn't be an issue within the first 6 months.

  • Will this work if I stay overseas all the time?

    I've been staying overseas since August 2018 in USA and Taiwan. Yes, of course, it works! We have got students residing in Taiwan too. But you must be a Malaysian to make this work like a charm.

Join Now, so you can also get to fly Business Class!

without forking out extra money for the luxurious flight