How to Make Smarter Money Decisions and Become Financially Rich and Wealthy?

even if you earn low income, have high debts and totally financially clueless today.

  • I’ll teach you 7 KEYWORDS that are essential to building & maintaining a financially richer life.

  • I’ll share 4 major financial ratios to work on immensely to strengthen & improve on your current finances. check

  • I’ll provide the financial blueprint of the rich so that you could simply “plug & play” and attain greater financial wealth.

Who is this for?

Today, if you:

  • feel financially naive

  • hate or even terrified of maths or numbers.

  • have a sense of “hopelessness” in your financial situation

Let me assure you that you are not alone in this.

Take a look at a handful of recent headlines below: 

  • 52% of Malaysians struggle to raise emergency funds of RM 1,000 or more. Only 24% are able to sustain living expenses for at least 3 months if  they lose their main source of income.
    Source: HSBC

  • More than half aged below 55 - which is 6.7 million people - had less than RM 10,000 in their accounts (referring to EPF accounts).
    Source: Channel News Asia

  • RinggitPlus survey (RMFLS) revealed that 55% of its participants feel  anxious, frustrated and embarrassed about their financial situations and 32% believe that their situation is worse than in 2022.
    Source: RinggitPlus

This means, problems like low income, uncontrolled spending, little savings and high debt commitment are not just “your problem" but one that is nationwide.

It’s now a Malaysian problem.

The #1 Root Cause to Financial Poverty

Short Answer: A lack of financial education.

Today, many Malaysians are not financially literate. 

Many of us don’t know the language of money. As such, when it comes to finances, we fail to go beyond earning money, spending and borrowing. Sadly, most of us are “programmed” to be poor and  are “trained” to be slaves to the bank. 

Is this our fault? 

Not really. This is because the subject of money and finance is not taught in schools, tuition centres, colleges, and universities. Most of us aren’t trained to become investors, landlords, financiers and fund managers by our teachers, tutors, lecturers and professors. 

As such, in most cases, we tend to “copy & paste” money habits from our parents. So, if we come from a poor or working class family, we’ll most likely manage money like a poor or working class person. 

This is despite us raising our income to 5, 6 or even 7 figures a year. The Reason for Our Existence

Like most Malaysians, we do not come from a wealthy background.

KC Lau was raised in a B40 household while I was from a working class family. Both of us are smart, did well in school and graduated. 

But aside from getting a job and saving money, we know nuts about other aspects of money like investing. 

To put it simply, we don’t know how to get rich and become wealthy. 

That was until we read “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki. 

From his book, we realised our sincere need to become financially educated and that means to learn and master the language of money and become financially literate. 

Since then, we develop a passion in learning and improving on areas related to money and finance. Such has led to us joining forces together in creating a platform for all Malaysians to learn and work on areas such as budgeting, savings, investing, borrowing, insurance, and estate planning ... etc. 

Since our first blogpost in 2006, we now write articles, publish books, conduct free webinars and online courses to share and impart as much financial knowledge and expertise that we learnt and practised to our online community of hundred of thousands readers and followers at 

But, isn’t “Having More Money” the Solution to Our Money Problems?

Sadly, the answer for many people is “Nope”.

Financial poverty is not just limited to the B40s. Today, it is possible for people who earn RM 10k, 20k or even 30k a month to be “financially poorer” than one who is earning RM 3-5k a month. 

Huh? Really? Could this happen?

Absolutely yes. 

Of course, it is totally understandable to find it difficult to see one who earns RM 10k, 20k, and 30k ... etc a month to be in “financial poverty”. This is more so if they drive fast cars, live in a nice house, own investment properties, dine, shop and travel in style. After all, it is common to perceive high-income earners to be well-to-do and have absolute control over their finances. 

Sure, to some extent, earning or having more money can be a good starting point to build wealth. But unfortunately, it is also normal for many high-income earners to dig bigger financial holes or “graves” by increasing spendings and borrowings and therefore, causing them to become “broker” and “poorer” financially. 

Worst still, it is possible for them to be “just a few months” away from loan defaults and bankruptcies if they lose their main source of income. 

But, why is that so? 

Aren’t people who earn more money are smarter and more intelligent with money? 

Not quite. Let me explain. 

You see. Financial IQ is not just about how much one could make. It also includes other aspects such as how much one could save, invest & protect. Just because one is good in making money, it doesn’t mean that one is intelligent in saving money, investing & safeguarding his money. 

In other words, it is possible for someone who is earning RM 30k a month to have the same level of financial IQ with one who is earning RM 3k a month. 

Because of that, instead of solving money problems, he compounds them & makes them worse. The more money he earns, the poorer he becomes. In a way, it is better for him to remain a RM 3k earner than a RM 30k earner. 

So, without financial IQ, a person who earns more will spend and borrow more money and thus, move towards financial poverty. 

With financial IQ, a person who earns more could use his or her capital earned to move towards financial prosperity. 

The First Step to Eradicate Financial Poverty

Here, we want to see you elevating your financial IQ so that you’ll be able to not only raise your income, but also, will save more and make better investments so that you can raise your net worth from 4 or 5 figures to RM 100k and beyond in the future.

In doing so, you will become more financially confident and this allows you to be more secured, assured, and hopeful in your quest to become financially independent. 

The first step to eradicate financial poverty and move yourself one step closer towards financial independence is to enhance your financial IQ. 

As one of our students, we would go through a structured learning programme together to learn the main components of a financial statement, build one for yourself and learn to assess your financial situation and make smarter decisions that would lead you towards financial independence. 

Now, this is an implementation programme and by the same we are done, you are able to prepare and assess your financial statements on a regular basis and have better control over them. 

3 Modules that we’ll cover

Here is a breakdown of what we are exactly going to do together:

Module 1

The 7 Keywords To Build a Financially Rich Life

In this module, we’ll show you how to assess your true financial situation by constructing your personal financial statements from scratch. Here, you would discover how to effectively tell if one is financially poor or financially rich.
Money Hacks Module 1

Module 2

The 4 Ratios to Measure Financial Stability and Growth

Here, from our personal financial statements, we’ll demonstrate how all of us can make our own calculations on 4 main financial ratios and assess how we manage our finances in terms of stability and as well as growth.
Money Hacks Module 2

Module 3

5 Steps to Turnaround Your Financial Life

In this module, we’ll share a case study of how anyone with “poor financial statements” could transform their financial lives, from poverty to comfort, and from comfort to be a real contender for growth, in 5 simple steps. You will see a brighter and better future as we explore the possibilities of becoming truly financially rich.
Money Hacks Module 3

Course curriculum

    1. [Video Tutorial] The 7 Keywords To Build a Financially Rich Life

    2. [Slides] The 7 Keywords to Build a Financially Rich Life

    3. [Class Notes] The 7 Keywords to Build a Financially Rich Life

    1. [Video Tutorial] The 4 Ratios to Measure Financial Stability and Growth

    2. [Slides] The 4 Ratios to Measure Financial Stability and Growth

    3. [Class Notes] The 4 Ratios to Measure Financial Stability and Growth

    1. [Video Tutorial] 5 Steps to Turnaround Your Financial Life

    2. [Slides] 5 Steps to Turnaround Your Financial Life

    3. [Class Notes] 5 Steps to Turnaround Your Financial Life

    1. Examination, Certificate of Completion & Bonus RM200 Skill-Credits

    2. Money Hacks Examination: 20 Questions (Passing Mark = 80%)

About this course

  • RM89.00
  • 11 lessons

By the end of Module 3,
you would be able to:

  • Build and construct your own personal financial statements.

  • Assess and take control over your financial situation.

  • Make decisions that propel you towards becoming financially rich.

Subsequently, we’ll put your financial IQ to the test.

Once you have completed the 3 Modules, you would be given a test to track how well-verse you are when it comes to money management.

The exam consists of 30 questions where the minimum passing mark is 80%. 

Upon passing this exam, you’ll officially graduate from this course and are expected to use what you've learnt to improve your financial life. 

What About the Price?

The price for “Money Hacks” course is so affordable.

As much as we want financial education to be accessible to as many Malaysians as possible, we only want to work with people who have a winner’s mindset and possess a burning desire to improve his or her financial standings. 

This is because after 17+ years in this industry, we found that people with a winner’s mindset are the ones who appreciate knowledge and wisdom and therefore, are easier to be trained and groomed to achieve real results faster. 

Hence, it is a lot of fun to help winners win better. 

So now, if you are reading this, it shows that you have a desire to overcome your lack of confidence with money, learn the methods used by the rich to manage finances and apply them to improve on your financial life. 

We, at, would like to see you succeed and would be thrilled to know that you had gained more control over your finances. Thus: 

If you are willing to invest in yourself, we like to make this completely safe and risk-free for you. 

To do this, we would be giving you a 2-part guarantee that is unrivalled and unheard of. 

Guarantee #1: 30-Days Money Back

First, I’m going to give you a no-questions-asked 30-day money back guarantee.

For the first 30 days of this membership, if you find that this programme is not a good fit for you, please contact our support team at [email protected], and we will give you a full refund promptly. 

We usually process a refund within 24 hours. But occasionally, if there is a prolonged holiday (like: Chinese New Year and Christmas), we beg your pardon if there is a delay. We would honour the cancellation according to the date of your email. 

But please do it within the first 30 days so that you’re assured that you won’t burn a single cent. That’s our Guarantee #1. 

Guarantee #2: Full Refund if You Graduate from the “Money Hacks” Course

As stated, you’ll be given an exam consisting of 20 questions. The passing mark is 80%. Upon graduation, we’ll send you an official “Money Hacks” certificate and would be refunding your course fee in full.

Does it mean that this course is practically “free” if I’m able to complete the course and pass the exam?

That is correct. 

I have not seen anyone doing this. So why do we do this?

Simple. This is because we want more Malaysians to become financially literate. We aspire our community to be smarter with money matters. Only then, we could work as a nation to eradicate poverty. This is why it is so important for you to be financially richer. 

So here, at bare minimum, you have a 30-day money back guarantee. 

In addition, once you have completed this course and pass the exam, you will receive a full refund of the course fee.

BONUS: RM 200 Skill-Credit for Any Membership at

Upon graduating the “Money Hacks” course, you’ll automatically receive a one-time skill-credit worth RM 200 for any membership courses offered by

These include: 

This is only designated for “Money Hacks” students who wish to continue enhancing their financial IQ with us at 

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