What Gets You a Million-Ringgit-Net-Worth Fast?

  • Optimised Income Potential

  • Exceptional Saving Rate

  • Good Long-term Investment Return

Here is everything you will get to make that happens:

All happening in the next 12 months!

  • Group Coaching

    12-month group coaching program to handhold you to accumulate your first RM1 million net worth.

  • Monthly MRI Webinar

    One live content-packed webinar to go through each step of the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive, for the next 12 months with KCLau, so you can work effectively on your wealth accumulation journey

  • Repeat Training in Chinese

    If you learn better in Chinese 华文, you can attend the 2nd webinar of the month to revise what is being taught first in English, without extra charge.

  • Lifetime Unlimited Replay

    All webinars are recorded and put up in the member's area for your unlimited streaming

  • Lifetime Unlimited Revision

    We plan to update and repeat this program every year. So if you are interested in relearning, revising, revisiting, retaking and reinforcing, you are welcome back without extra charge.

  • Action Plan & Checklist

    Each month, you will get the action plan to work towards your million ringgit target.

  • Telegram Group Support

    You get to join the private Telegram Group, learn from other members and get support from KCLau directly in the group.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Join the Telegram Group

    2. Slides

    3. Plot Your Millionaire Roadmap

    4. Audio Only

    5. 【华文】Plot Your Millionaire Roadmap

    6. 【华文】Audio only

    7. Case Studies, Q&A [2022 Nov 30]

    8. Case Studies (Audio Only)

    1. Register for the Month 2 Webinars

    2. Slides

    3. Budget & Saving for Million Ringgits Pursuit

    4. Audio only

    5. 【华文】Budget & Saving for Million Ringgit Pursuit

    6. 【华文】Audio only

    1. How to Purchase and Finance a Car Like a True Millionaire

    2. [Audio only] How to Purchase and Finance a Car Like a True Millionaire

    3. [Slides] How to Purchase and Finance a Car Like a True Millionaire

    4. The Rule of 78 - Car Loan and Flat Rate Loan Repayment

    5. [Slides] The Rule of 78

    6. 【华文】How to Purchase and Finance a Car like a True Millionaire

    7. 【华文】Audio only

    1. Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    2. [Audio Only] Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    3. [Slides] Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    4. 【华文】Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    5. 【华文】Audio Only

    1. Raise Your Income Strategically

    2. [Audio Only] Raise Your Income Strategically

    3. [Slides] Raise Your Income Strategically

    4. 【华文】Raise Your Income Strategically

    5. 【华文】Audio Only

    1. Register for the Month 6 Webinars

About this course

  • RM1,497.00

Watch How R. Bushan Cleared his Card Debts and Invest Confidently

Watch How Shuen Chi Became Much More Financially Savvy

Watch What Ronald Foo Said about KCLau

Watch How Sutharthan Mariyappan Benefited from KCLau's program

Watch How Alex Yeap Increased his Savings Tremendously

Commit to the JOURNEY

To become a millionaire

About KCLau

Founder of KCLau.com

Financial educator, trainer and author KC Lau

I help Malaysian adults like you to achieve financial independence, live an admirable lifestyle worry-free, through smart allocation of your income and assets, by empowering you with financial knowledge. - author of SEVEN published books including Top Money Tips for Malaysians & Money Smart - creator of over a dozen online financial courses including Bursa Method, Dividend Vault, REIT Method, Invest Foreign Share, High Fly Method and Money Automation System - columnist for various magazines including Money Compass, Property Insights, News Straits Times, Smart Investor, etc

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