Zero to Million - No Matter Your Income

What if you could...

  • Indulge in your passions without a shred of guilt? Picture this: you're spending freely on what you truly love – be it that sleek guitar, anime collections, or overseas travel every quarter – and not a single worry about breaking your budget.

  • Stash away enough funds and power-charge your freedom fund savings? Imagine a life where your financial gears are so well-oiled that everything from bill payments to vacation savings to retirement funds runs so smoothly.

  • Achieve all this without a finance degree, or lying awake at night worrying about your finances? What if I told you that you don't need to study hundreds of personal finance books, spend years decoding financial jargon, or let money worries keep you up at night?

  • Achieve your first million ringgits faster than you ever thought possible? Imagine this: reaching that coveted million Ringgit milestone quicker than you ever dared to dream. It's an achievable reality with the right guidance and strategies.

Let me show you the way.

Hi, I'm KCLau

You might recognize me as the financial educator who's been guiding Malaysians towards smarter money management. Or perhaps you've read one of my books, packed with insights on achieving financial freedom.

You might have seen me featured in various media outlets, sharing my expertise on personal finance, or perhaps you've attended one of my engaging workshops or webinars.

Maybe you've caught my discussions on investment strategies on YouTube, where I debunk common financial myths with a mix of humour, hard facts and live piano music.

For almost two decades, I've been helping people like you see money in a new light. That means moving beyond the traditional advice of scrimping and saving every sen. No more confusing budgets or overwhelming financial jargon.

Instead, I focus on teaching SYSTEMS and proven real-life money hacks to live a financially rewarding life — regardless of your income level, this will be beneficial to you.

So, what does a freedom lifestyle look like for you? Here's a glimpse of mine:

  • Playing jazz piano in a cozy Taipei café, without worrying about the gig's pay.
  • Investing in the stock market and real estate, watching my portfolio grow, mirroring the bustling streets of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Educating and empowering others to make wise financial decisions, just like savouring a satisfying meal of nasi lemak — rich, fulfilling, and uniquely Malaysian.
  • Enjoying the freedom to travel between Malaysia, the US, and Taipei, and all over the world experiencing the best of different cultures while my investments and business systems work for me.

This is what I call living a Freedom Lifestyle — one where your financial decisions enable you to enjoy the things you love most, without the constant stress over Ringgits and sens.

Are You Caught in Malaysia's Financial Tangle?

Common Struggles on the Path to Wealth

Hey there, fellow Malaysian! You're not just a statistic in a financial report. You're the heartbeat of this nation, striving every day to make ends meet and dreaming of a better tomorrow. But let's face it, the road to financial freedom in our beloved Malaysia can feel like navigating a busy Petaling Street market during peak hours. Let's talk about the struggles that you, and many like you, face daily. I used to face exactly the same problem too.

  1. The Low Income Dilemma: You're working hard, yet it feels like running on a treadmill – lots of effort, but not moving forward. Does your income barely cover the essentials, leaving little for savings or investments?

  2. Debt – The Unwanted Companion: Are credit card bills, loans, and mortgages eating up your peace of mind?

  3. Investment Confusion: It's like standing at a crossroads in a bustling pasar malam, isn't it? So many choices, yet you're unsure which path leads to financial growth.

  4. The Savings Challenge: Trying to save money in today's economy can be as tough as resisting a delicious plate of char kuey teow. Does every Ringgit seem to vanish before you can save it?

  5. Scam Victims: Have you, like many others, been lured by promises of quick riches, only to find yourself deeper in financial distress?

Real Stories, Real Struggles:

Malaysians on Their Financial Journey


Ahmad's Tale: Ahmad, a young professional in KL, earns a decent salary but finds himself trapped in a cycle of debt and high living expenses. Despite his best efforts, his dreams of property investment always seem out of reach.

Miss Tan's Investment Woes: Miss Tan, from Penang, ventured into stocks but faced losses due to a lack of guidance. Her story reflects the bumpy road many Malaysians face in navigating the stock market's ups and downs.

Raj's Scam Encounter: Raj, a retiree in Johor, saw his hard-earned savings vanish after falling victim to an investment scam. His experience is a stark reminder of the need for vigilance and financial literacy.

In each of these stories, the common thread is the struggle against financial barriers that seem as daunting as climbing Mount Kinabalu. But with the right knowledge and guidance, these obstacles can be overcome, paving the way to the "freedom lifestyle" that every Malaysian deserves.

Your Story Matters: Maybe you're like Ahmad, who juggles multiple jobs in KL but still struggles to keep up with rising living costs. Or perhaps you resonate with Miss Tan from Penang, who dreams of a comfortable retirement but feels overwhelmed by investment choices.

Your Dreams Are Valid: Whether it's owning a home, providing the best education for your kids, or simply enjoying a worry-free cafe latte with friends, your aspirations are as important as the Petronas Towers in our skyline.

I get it. These are real issues that keep you up at night. The frustration of stagnant income, the weight of debts, the confusion over investments, and the fear of scams – these are the hurdles on your track to the first million ringgit.

Embarking on the journey from financial uncertainty to your first million is a bold and transformative adventure. It's not just a leap, but a series of deliberate, strategic steps. Think of it as navigating through a dense, uncharted jungle, where every step forward is a victory in itself. And I can show you the strategies and tactics that have helped me and my friends achieve the first million.

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I came from a low-income family

Were you handed a silver spoon at birth? Like many, I wasn't, and neither was my wife.

My parents, embodying the epitome of frugality, navigated us through life's rough patches with their steadfast saving habits. My wife's story is equally poignant. She lost her father to cancer at 12. By the time we crossed paths at university, she was a scholarship recipient, not just funding her education but also supporting her family with her financial aid.

Fast forward, and here we are, each with over two decades of experience in our respective fields. I've dabbled in everything from full-time music to insurance sales, eventually carving out a niche in the online lifestyle business. My wife, on the other hand, has made her mark in the corporate world, even attracting international job offers.

Together, we've climbed the financial ladder – from our first RM100k to RM500k, and then surpassing the million mark. Was it a breeze? Far from it.

We've stumbled, made decisions that cost us, and learned hard lessons along the way. If we could turn back time, armed with our current wisdom, I'm confident we'd reach those milestones much quicker.

Now, what if I told you I could guide you to your first RM100k, then RM500k, and eventually to a million ringgit? Imagine having someone to show you precisely how to navigate this journey. Would you take that chance?

Here is the story of how I doubled my income for the first time

Let me take you back to the time I first doubled my income, a pivotal moment during my university days.

I was studying aeronautical engineering at UTM, which meant moving from my cozy home in Sungai Petani to a dorm in Skudai. This transition wasn't just about a change of scenery; it was a full-blown plunge into independence. Gone were the days of relying on my parents for everything – now, I had to manage my meals, laundry, and even those coin-guzzling public payphones. Remember, this was a time before smartphones and broadband were a thing.

With the move, my expenses naturally shot up. The allowance from my parents, though generous, barely covered my new, more active lifestyle, which included nightly suppers at the gerai, cinema outings, and trips to JB and Singapore. And let's not forget, living in the south of Malaysia isn't exactly cheap.

A few months in, I realized my allowance wasn't cutting it. I needed about RM500 a month, and constantly asking my frugal parents for more just didn't sit right with me. So, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I found a job as a piano tutor, thanks to my parents' investment in my music lessons years ago. A friend helped me land a gig at a local music school.

At first, I was bringing in about RM200 a month, teaching only on Sunday mornings. But as I dedicated more hours, working from dawn to dusk, my income gradually increased to RM500, and eventually, RM700 a month. As my students advanced to higher grades, the lesson fees increased, and so did my commission – from 40% to 50%.

This experience taught me a fundamental lesson about income: to earn more, you often have to work more. But it also made me question if this was the most efficient way to boost earnings. After all, doubling your work hours can mean sacrificing other important aspects of life, like health and relationships.

So, what would be a smarter way to double my income as a piano teacher? I could take on another full day of classes, find a second music school to teach at on Saturdays, or negotiate a higher commission based on my students' success.

This approach would involve:

  1. Teaching longer hours.
  2. Asking for more students or finding another school with a higher demand.
  3. Excelling in my role to justify a raise.

I could have easily transitioned into a full-time music teacher after graduation, potentially earning over RM3500 a month. But life had a different path in store for me, one that I was more passionate about and ultimately chose to follow.

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How I ditched my engineering degree

You might have guessed, a full-time career in music teaching wasn't quite my jam. I was on track to be an engineer, moonlighting as a music tutor, until a pivotal moment in my final year at UTM changed everything.

In my fourth year, an opportunity struck that was music to my ears – an offer to play piano at a swanky 5-star hotel lounge. This gig paid significantly more than teaching – RM120 for less than four hours each night. By playing just four nights a week, I could rake in around RM2000 a month.

At the same time, I was interning at an SME manufacturer, earning a modest RM500 monthly allowance. A senior of mine, freshly graduated, was making RM2300 in the same company. But here I was, potentially earning the same amount, or even more, by playing piano a few nights a week, and having a blast while at it. This revelation was a game-changer for me, leading me to ditch the idea of an engineering career.

I eventually let go of the piano tutoring job and decided engineering wasn't my path.

Here's what I learned from this experience:

My income jumped from RM700 to around RM2500 per month right after graduation, thanks to a higher hourly rate. I went from earning an average of RM15 per hour teaching music to RM30 per hour performing.

That's double the pay. But what was the key to this increase? It was my unique skill set. Not every pianist can do what I do.

Take a look at this photo from one of my performances:

Many of my peers took piano lessons and passed their ABRSM Grade 8, just like I did. But how many could play by ear? I could entertain all night without a full score, harmonizing songs on the fly with just a lead sheet and chord chart.

This ability to offer something special allowed me to command higher wages for the same work hours.

Now, think about your current job. What can you do to upskill? How can you develop strengths and abilities that are hard to replace? Can you take on more challenging tasks that bring greater value?

To boost your income, you must first enhance your capabilities. For instance:

  • A doctor specializing in a specific illness earns more than a general practitioner.
  • Top engineers designing compact devices like the iPhone are highly sought after.
  • A skilled plumber can charge premium rates.

I delve into the mindset needed to double your income. You should do the same by continuously learning, honing your skills, and maintaining a strong work ethic.

How I was enticed to join the financial industry

After mastering the art of doubling my income through music, my sights were set on a new financial horizon – passive income.

But, as many of you might relate, starting from scratch without significant capital is a steep climb. Saving enough to invest meaningfully felt like an uphill battle.

In my music days, I'd heard tales of composers striking gold with hit songs, earning a steady stream of royalties. There was this Malaysian songwriter who sold a tune to Andy Lau and made enough in royalties to buy a new Proton Wira

Imagine that! If I could pen just a few hits a year, I'd have a regular royalty income. So, in my spare time, I chased this dream, writing songs daily and signing up with music publishers. But, without the right training or a knack for current pop trends, my attempts didn't hit the mark.

Around this time, an opportunity in insurance sales came knocking, thanks to my upline, Chong. My evenings were occupied with music gigs, leaving my days free to explore new ventures. Chong introduced me to a group insurance scheme with exclusive rights in the northern region, offering a lifetime of perpetual commissions.

The allure of insurance sales was the potential for passive income. Sell a policy, and you earn commissions for the next six years – as long as the premiums are paid. It's an enticing prospect. But there's more to it than just selling policies. Like Chong, you could evolve into a sales manager, building an agency with no upper limit on its size.

So, in 2003, I embarked on this new path with Great Eastern, transitioning from music to insurance. By 2006, I was a unit manager, and before long, my insurance income surpassed what I made in music. This shift became even more pronounced with the birth of my son, leading me to set aside my artistic aspirations.

Was this a swift change? Far from it. It was a gradual process of building a sustainable income stream, requiring a whole new skill set – cold calling, engaging strangers, mastering sales presentations, and honing people skills. It was a steep learning curve, but one that laid the groundwork for the free lifestyle I enjoy today.

This pivot in my life wasn't just a change in income; it was a transformation in my approach to life and business. It's a testament to the effort and time it takes to shift gears and build a new source of income outside your comfort zone.

Now, think about your own journey. 

  • Are you striving to amass capital, create recurring income streams, and take control of your life?
  • What if you could accelerate this process? 
  • Imagine reaching your financial goals in 10 years instead of the usual 20-30. 

That's the power of strategic planning and execution.

The Ultimate Freedom Lifestyle

Let me take you through my journey to achieving the ultimate income, one that has granted me the freedom to live life on my terms.

In 2005, I transitioned from being a full-time musician to a financial planner. I dived into professional training for will-writing, unit trust consultation, and even earned my Registered Financial Planner qualification.

By 2006, my curiosity led me to explore the burgeoning world of internet-based income. Ideas were buzzing in my head – from launching a restaurant review website, akin to Yelp, to creating automated greeting cards for salespeople and SMEs. I even ventured into producing 3D foldable greeting cards, an endeavor that, unfortunately, didn't pan out as planned.

Then, a friend, a whiz at website design, introduced me to the world of blogging. That's how was born in December 2006. What started as a blog evolved into a financial education platform, a lifestyle business I could manage from anywhere – be it the USA or Taiwan. This venture not only grew but also multiplied my income several times over.

As my online business flourished, I gradually stepped away from financial planning. The irony? The knowledge I gained in the financial sector became the foundation of my new venture. But to thrive, I had to acquire a whole new skill set – from web development and video production to hosting webinars and mastering the art of copywriting.

Today, my business thrives on diverse income streams:

  1. Affiliate income from promoting products and services.
  2. Selling my online courses.
  3. Recurring subscriptions.
  4. Sponsored content and advertisements.

But remember, this path isn't the only way to double your income. There are millionaires in every field – from artists to investors, entrepreneurs to engineers. And yet, we've also seen athletes who've earned and lost fortunes in a blink.

There's no one-size-fits-all route to wealth. It's about understanding yourself and choosing a path that resonates with your strengths and persistence.

But earning is just a piece of the puzzle. The real challenge lies in how much you save, how well you invest, and how smartly you allocate your funds. Mastering these aspects can accelerate your journey to your first million ringgit.

That's why I developed the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive – a group coaching program designed to:

  1. Uncover and solve your hidden money problems.
  2. Chart a personalized roadmap to your first million ringgit.
  3. Provide ongoing support through monthly coaching webinars and a dedicated Telegram group.

If you're ready to see your net worth grow, this program is tailored for you. It's not just about earning; it's about learning the essential money skills, staying motivated, and consistently moving towards your financial goals. Join me, and let's embark on this journey to financial freedom together.

Investment Income & Profit Pay for Everything

As I continue to actively generate income through my businesses, I'm simultaneously cultivating additional revenue streams. These burgeoning sources are poised to surpass my active income, with investment income leading the charge.

Active income, encompassing salaries, bonuses, commissions, and earnings from businesses, demands my direct involvement. In my company, it's my labor, expertise, and unique skills that bear the fruits of success. However, not all income requires the same level of effort. For instance, affiliate income, which I earn by promoting products via email, demands far less hands-on involvement.

Over time, my family and I have built a substantial portfolio of financial assets, primarily in properties and stocks. These assets are the engines of long-term income generation. Our properties consistently yield rental income, while their mortgages gradually diminish, and their value appreciates, increasing our equity.

Our stock investments, representing shares in thriving businesses, also contribute to our growing wealth. As these companies expand, acquire new customers, and increase revenue, our dividends grow, and the stock prices rise, leading to unrealized capital gains.

This investment income is the result of strategically deploying our financial resources, allowing us to earn money not just through labor but also through savvy investing.

In recent years, the combination of active and passive income has been so significant that it effectively "doubled our income" during prosperous times!

This underscores the critical importance of investment skills. Many work their entire lives, amassing a substantial nest egg, only to falter at investing it wisely in retirement. Fear of losing their savings leads some to hoard cash, which can dwindle in value, especially when interest rates drop. Others, lacking investment acumen, take excessive risks or fall prey to scams, losing everything.

That's precisely why I created the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive program. It's designed to empower you with the knowledge to optimize your investment strategy at every life stage. In this program, you'll get direct answers to your financial questions from me. I'll guide you in crafting a personalized financial plan, setting you on the path to reach your first million ringgit, potentially even faster than I did.

Millionaire Realities:
A Journey to Freedom Lifestyle

Imagine this: You've just crossed the millionaire threshold. How does it feel?

For some, it's like hitting the jackpot at Genting Highlands, but without the neon lights and dizzying slot machines. It's more than just a number in your bank account!

It's a new chapter in life, a ticket to a world where teh tarik tastes better because you're sipping it without financial worries.

How does it feel when you finally get your first million ringgit?

  1. Peace of Mind:
    This is the big one. It's like knowing you've got an umbrella big enough to keep you dry during the heaviest of monsoon rains. You're no longer pacing around at night, wondering how to pay the bills. Instead, you're planning your next family vacation, maybe a serene retreat in Langkawi or a month-long Europe vacation.

  2. Family First:
    With a million ringgit, you're not just thinking about yourself. You're securing a future for your family, ensuring your kids can pursue their dreams, whether it's studying overseas or starting their own business. It's about turning those Sunday family dinners into celebrations of not just love, but also financial security.

  3. The Next Goal: 
    For the go-getters, a million is just the starting line. They're already eyeing the next milestone – RM10 million, perhaps? Decent people deserve to earn more and make more, because you can do more for your community and society!

  4. Retirement Dreams:
    Remember those days dreaming about retirement while stuck in traffic on the KL-Seremban Highway? Now, it's within reach. Early retirement isn't just a fantasy. It's a real, tangible goal. It's about having the freedom to spend your days however you want, without a financial care in the world.

  5. Giving Back:
    With great wealth comes great responsibility. Many millionaires find joy in giving back, be it through charity or by investing in the community. It's about making a difference, about being more than just a name on a bank account.

  6. Lifestyle Changes:
    Sure, you might travel more, upgrade your car, or move into a bigger house. But for many, the joy comes from the smaller things – like not flinching at the toll on the PLUS Highway or splurging on that extra piece of durian without guilt.

  7. Financial Freedom: 
    This is the crux of it all. It's about breaking free from the 9-5 grind, about having the choice to work on your passions, be it music, writing, or helping others with their finances. It's about living life on your terms, with the financial backing to support it.

  8. A Legacy:
    Finally, it's about what you leave behind. It's not just about money, but about the lessons and values you impart. It's about leaving a legacy that goes beyond wealth, one that echoes through generations.

You won’t just wander into a life of wealth and financial independence.

Nor will the usual, stress-laden, penny-pinching advice lead you there. You've probably tried that path, only to end up running in circles.

And even with a higher income, without the right strategy, you won't know how to effectively channel it into creating your Freedom Lifestyle, free from guilt.

So, what's the effective approach?

Here's the plan:

Scalable System: 
This system is effective at any income level and evolves with your financial growth.

Clear Vision of Your Freedom Lifestyle: 
Not just dreams, but a tangible, crystal-clear vision of your ideal life, complete with detailed plans to make it a reality.

Immediate Implementation: 
Start building your Freedom Lifestyle today, not in some distant, undefined future.

Simplicity and Security: 
No complex spreadsheets, no advanced maths, no risky investments. And absolutely no guilt or shame.

Flexibility and Control: 
Adjust your financial strategy easily as your life and goals change. Say goodbye to hidden fees and untrustworthy financial advisors.

Expert Support: 
Access to professional advice when you need it. You're not alone on this journey.

Joyful Financial Experience:
Transform money from a source of stress into a source of joy.

This is about a proven, automated, and customizable SYSTEM for achieving financial freedom at any level, supported by TRUSTED GUIDANCE every step of the way.

This journey is yours, but you don't have to walk it alone.


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Who Else Wants to be the Next Millionaire?

Let me Guide You to Achieve Your First Million Ringgit

There are so many different ways to get your first million ringgit.
To have a high probability of success, you need to optimise all these three pillars:

  1. Saving - how much can you keep from the money you make
  2. Income - how fast can you increase your income
  3. Return - how smartly can you invest your capital

We will go through all these in the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive program, focusing on one area and subarea each month for the next 12 months.
You will clearly see what to optimise and work on, and I will be your money coach.

It is common to think that millionaires know how to "get" a lot of money:

  1. Married rich.
  2. Inheritance from a wealthy family.
  3. Join a successful startup and receive shares worth millions of dollars.
  4. Exploit your good look or talents and become a celebrity.
  5. Buy, develop, manage and flip properties.
  6. Build a massive portfolio of stocks.
  7. Start a business and be a successful entrepreneur.

However, many "millionaires next door" never show you how wealthy they are until they reveal how many assets they have privately accumulated.
They dress like ordinary people - no Gucci or Chanel.
They drive national cars - no BMW or Mercedez.
They seldom brag about it on social media and show off a bling lifestyle!

And you can be the "millionaire next door" like that.
Even when you are not lucky enough to marry an affluent family, be born rich, join a unicorn startup, or have any super talent...

Because you still stand a good chance of being a millionaire when you:

  • work hard the intelligent way, 
  • spend frugally without compromising your lifestyle, and 
  • invest your money prudently.

I did that by being an online lifestyle entrepreneur.
My wife got her millions through climbing the corporate ladder.

Some of my readers and friends who are also millionaires:

  1. Victor works in an MNC and drives Malaysian-made cars.
  2. George obtained industry-related professional qualifications and worked overseas as an expatriate.
  3. Max said the most critical success factor is that he invested in himself. 
  4. Washim got his millions from businesses and properties.
  5. Seong started as a storekeeper earning a basic salary of RM1600/month. And now he has ten fully paid properties.
  6. Jordan retired at age 39 and has RM10k monthly passive income.
  7. Peter got his millions from stock investing and has been a stay-at-home dad for many years.
  8. Patrick saves 60% of his take-home pay and invests in good-quality dividend stocks.

Can you do the same? I believe so.
And it would be best if you believed in it too. 

Once you open your mind, you no longer need the luck to be on your side.

Because when you do every step right, you will get there.
Stop trying to figure out everything on your own.
I can be your coach, help you with a plan and show you the system I use.

And you can avoid all my mistakes too!

Is low income a problem?

Someone once said:
"Don't be afraid to start from the bottom. The view from the top is worth the climb."

Becoming a millionaire could be an elusive dream for many, especially when your income is low.
Is low income a real problem? Does it mean you will never make it?

After my wife and I made it to becoming millionaires multiple times, there is a framework that everybody can follow.
Especially if your annual income is low, like below RM50k right now, this framework is proven helpful to you.

There are three essential components to wealth accumulation - S.I.R

  • S = saving
  • I = income
  • R = return (investment)

At each stage of your life, the role of the components has different weightage.
For example, to get to the first RM10,000, put more emphasis on S & I.
From RM10k - RM100k, I still think S & I are the main components to focus on.

Then on the next milestone of getting to your first RM1 million, it is achievable for those who make a good income and live frugally.
However, if you know how to invest prudently, you will get to the first RM1 million much easier.

But from RM1 million onwards, the return rate becomes even more crucial.
It will take many more years if you still rely on extreme frugality to get to the next million.

To have the best result in the shortest time, wouldn't it give you the best chance if you know how to optimise all three SIR components?

We will walk you through all these three components in detail:

  • How to save money even when your income is low.
  • How to increase your earnings strategically, so you are not just trading time. 
  • How to invest safely, getting predictable returns that work for the longest time.

When you know the nitty-gritty method and strategy, including the necessary mindset, you will stand a much higher chance of getting there!

What is MRI?

MRI is a holistic financial education program that combines the essentials of wealth building, personalised financial strategies, and real-world financial wisdom. It's more than just a course. It’s a transformational experience that guides you from where you are now to where you want to be – in the millionaire's circle.

Key Components of MRI:

  • Personalized Financial Assessment:
    Every journey starts with understanding your current position. MRI begins with a thorough assessment of your financial health, identifying strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities for growth.

  • Customised Wealth Building Strategies:
    Recognizing that one size doesn't fit all in finance, MRI offers strategies that align with your unique financial situation, goals, and risk tolerance, at your current financial level.

  • Expert-Led Sessions:
    Learn from me directly, a seasoned financial educator with close to two decades experience. I will bring a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. These sessions cover a range of topics from investment in stocks and properties to advanced wealth management techniques.

  • Interactive Workshops and Real-Life Case Studies:
    Engage in workshops that put theory into practice, and dissect real-life case studies to understand the nuances of successful financial planning.

  • Community Support and Networking:
    Join a community of like-minded individuals on the same journey. Share experiences, learn from peers, and build a network that supports your financial growth.

  • Ongoing Mentorship and Support: 
    Post-program, you won’t be alone. MRI provides ongoing mentorship and support to ensure you stay on track towards your financial goals.

  • Actionable Tools and Resources:
    Get access to a suite of tools and resources designed to help you implement and track your financial strategies effectively.

Here's a breakdown of the content modules for the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive (MRI) program, tailored to guide you on your journey to financial freedom:

Module 1

Plot your Millionaire Roadmap

Embark on your journey by crafting a personalised Millionaire Roadmap. This module helps you set clear, achievable financial goals and outlines the steps to reach your first million. It's like plotting a route through a financial jungle to find the treasure of wealth.
MRI Module 1

Module 2

Budget & Saving for Million Ringgit Pursuit

Learn the art of budgeting and saving with a twist. This isn't just about pinching pennies; it's about smartly managing your Ringgit to fuel your millionaire quest.
MRI Module 2

Module 3

Buy & Finance Cars Like a True Millionaire

Discover how millionaires think about automobiles. This module teaches you how to make savvy decisions when buying and financing cars, ensuring your ride reflects both your status and financial wisdom.
MRI Module 3

Module 4

Millionaire Renters and House Owners

Whether you're renting a cosy apartment or owning a bungalow, this module guides you through the millionaire's approach to housing. Learn how to make your living situation an asset, not a liability.
MRI Module 4

Module 5

Raise Your Income Strategically

It's time to boost your earnings. This module focuses on strategic ways to increase your income, from negotiating raises to side hustles, all tailored to accelerate your journey to a million.
MRI Module 5

Module 6

Mitigate Your Tax with 4D

Dive into the 4D strategy of tax mitigation. This isn't about avoiding responsibilities; it's about smartly managing your taxes to keep more of your hard-earned money.
MRI module 6

Module 7

Allocate Capital Like a Millionaire

Learn the secrets of capital allocation from the millionaire's playbook. This module teaches you how to smartly distribute your resources for maximum growth and security.
MRI Module 7

Module 8

Evaluate Your Time & Money Intelligently

Master the art of evaluating your investments, both in terms of time and money. This module helps you make intelligent decisions that align with your millionaire goals.
MRI Module 8

Module 9

Invest RM10k, 100k, 500k, RM1 million and Beyond

Step-by-step guidance on investing at various levels. Whether you're starting small or going big, this module shows you how to invest wisely at every stage of your financial journey.
MRI Module 9

Module 10

Property Millionaire Roadmap

Unlock the secrets to becoming a property millionaire. This module covers everything from buying your first investment property to building a real estate portfolio.
MRI Module 10

Module 11

Stock Millionaire Roadmap

Navigate the stock market with confidence. Learn how to invest in stocks like a pro, understanding the proven workable investment strategy, and making informed decisions to build your wealth.
MRI Module 11

Module 12

Leverage to Increase Returns & Balance Liquidity

Discover how to use leverage effectively to boost your returns while maintaining a healthy balance of liquidity. It's about making your money work harder for you.
MRI Module 12

Bonus Module

Protect Adequately with the Lowest Insurance Premium Possible

Learn how to protect your wealth without overspending on insurance. This bonus module guides you through choosing the right insurance plans at the best rates, ensuring your wealth is safeguarded.
Bonus Module

Each module in MRI is designed to be practical, insightful, and engaging, helping you navigate the path to financial freedom with confidence and a touch of Malaysian flair!

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Is Millionaire Roadmap Intensive right for you?

I am very particular about who I welcome into my programs. I'm not looking to cater to everyone – just the right individuals. I prefer a smaller, dedicated group committed to real action over a larger crowd of dreamers seeking a quick fix.

Please read this carefully, as these criteria are non-negotiable.

MRI is NOT for you if…

  • You're hunting for a quick fix to wealth without embracing the hard work of financial planning, investment strategies, risk management, and wealth building.

  • You're starting from scratch and expect to turn into a millionaire overnight. If you're in the get-rich-quick camp, this isn't for you.

  • You already have a financial plan or investment strategy that's failing, but you're not open to changing your approach. If you're resistant to new strategies, how can I assist you?

  • You're just looking for a pep talk. While I'm here to support and encourage, my primary focus is on tangible results, not just making you feel good.

  • You're currently unemployed, unless you have sufficient savings to comfortably join the program without financial strain.

  • You have credit card debt. Your priority should be to clear that debt. If I find out you've joined with outstanding credit card debt, I'll have to exclude you from all future programs. This rule might have cost me, but it's the ethical stance. I'm only interested in participants who are in the right financial position to benefit.

MRI is RIGHT for you if…

  • You're prepared to invest in yourself to achieve financial freedom.

  • You understand the value of patience and methodical planning. You're ready to dedicate the time to build your wealth, knowing it won't happen overnight. You're aware that with a commitment of 1 hour a week, you can set up a foundation for long-term financial success.

  • You're seeking a comprehensive SYSTEM, not just a collection of unconnected tips.

  • You're emotionally resilient to handle the challenges of financial planning and wealth building. As the saying goes, "Can you weather the storm?"

  • You need a mentor who will confidently steer you down a proven path to success.

MRI is for anyone who is serious about changing their financial narrative

Whether you're starting from zero or looking to scale your existing wealth, MRI is tailored to help you achieve your financial aspirations.

By the end of the program, you'll not only have a clearer understanding of your financial path but also possess the confidence, skills, and strategies to navigate your way to financial success. MRI isn’t just about reaching a milestone; it’s about equipping you with the knowledge and tools to sustain and grow your wealth, ensuring a financially secure and prosperous future.

Embark on this journey with MRI, where your millionaire dream becomes an actionable, attainable reality.

Yes! You have other options

It's clear that Millionaire Roadmap Intensive (MRI) delivers. The strategies and insights you'll gain from MRI are grounded in years of experience and success stories.

But let's consider what it would cost to achieve this financial wisdom on your own. I believe in transparency, so let's explore all your options.

Pursuing a finance degree?

That could set you back RM300,000 at a top university. You'll dive deep into economic theories and complex financial models, but will you learn the practical steps to build and manage personal wealth? Not likely. University courses rarely cover the real-world tactics of growing your net worth and achieving financial independence.

Hiring a personal finance coach? 

That could cost you RM20,000 (about RM3,300/month for 6 months). There are some excellent coaches out there, but also many who might not deliver on their promises. How do you sift through them? And what if you don't see results? Most coaches don't offer refunds, leaving you to navigate a sea of options without a safety net, often at a much higher cost than MRI.

Trying to navigate the world of personal finance and investment on your own? 

Sure, you could go this route. It took me years, not to mention a significant amount of money spent on learning through trial and error. Think about the countless hours you'd spend researching, the potential financial missteps, and the stress of managing it all without guidance. You could end up spending years, and a small fortune, learning what MRI can teach you in a structured, supportive environment.

Or, do nothing?

This might be the most haunting choice. When I talk to people about their financial goals, many have been dreaming of financial freedom for years, even decades. How much longer will you wait? How many more opportunities will you miss? If not now, when will you take that step towards financial independence and the freedom lifestyle you desire?

Here is everything you will get to make that happens:

All happening in the next 12 months!

  • Group Coaching

    12-month group coaching program to handhold you to accumulate your first RM1 million net worth.

  • Monthly MRI Webinar

    One live content-packed webinar to go through each step of the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive, for the next 12 months with KCLau, so you can work effectively on your wealth accumulation journey

  • Lifetime Unlimited Replay

    All webinars are recorded and put up in the member's area for your unlimited streaming

  • Lifetime Unlimited Revision

    We plan to update and repeat this program every year. So if you are interested in relearning, revising, revisiting, retaking and reinforcing, you are welcome back without extra charge.

  • Action Plan & Checklist

    Each month, you will get the action plan to work towards your million ringgit target.

  • Telegram Group Support

    You get to join the private Telegram Group, learn from other members and get support from KCLau directly in the group.

Course curriculum

    1. How to Join the Telegram Group

    2. Plot Your Millionaire Roadmap

    3. Slides

    4. [2022 Nov 30] Case Studies, Q&A

    5. [2023-12-22] Module 1 Recap, Case Study, Q&A

    6. [2023-12-22] Module 1 Recap, Case Study, Q&A - Slides

    1. Budget & Saving for Million Ringgits Pursuit

    2. Slides

    3. [2024-01-19] Module 2 Recap, Case Study, Q&A

    1. How to Purchase and Finance a Car Like a True Millionaire

    2. [Slides] How to Purchase and Finance a Car Like a True Millionaire

    3. The Rule of 78 - Car Loan and Flat Rate Loan Repayment

    4. [Slides] The Rule of 78

    5. [2024-03-07] Module 3 Recap, Case Study, Q&A

    1. Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    2. [Slides] Millionaire Renters and House Owners

    3. [2024-03-22] Module 4 Recap, MBB HousKEY, Q&A

    1. Raise Your Income Strategically

    2. [Audio Only] Raise Your Income Strategically

    3. [Slides] Raise Your Income Strategically

    4. [2024-04-26] Module 5 Recap, Demand Analysis

    1. Mitigate Tax Legally with 4D

    2. [Slides] Mitigate Tax Legally with 4D

    3. Tax Update 2024 with Richard Oon

    4. [Notes] Tax Update 2024 with Richard Oon

    5. [2024-05-17] Module 6 Recap

12-month group coaching program

  • RM2,999.00


Your most frequently asked questions answered

  • How is the course conducted?

    I have run the program for an entire year for the first batch members. So you will get one new recording each month. Additionally, we will do one new group coaching call to discuss that specific topic. You will get to do an assignment forming your plan to become a millionaire.

  • How much time does this take?

    Embarking on your Millionaire Roadmap Intensive journey can begin over a weekend. The time commitment largely depends on your current financial knowledge and how thoroughly you wish to dive into each module. Once you've set your millionaire roadmap in motion, you can expect to spend just a few hours each month to keep your financial strategies sharp and effective.

  • I don’t live in Malaysia. Is this program still relevant for me?

    Absolutely! While MRI includes specific strategies tailored for the Malaysian market, the core principles of wealth building and financial management are universal. Whether you're dealing with Ringgit, Dollars, Euros, or any other currency, the strategies and insights in MRI can be adapted to fit your local context.

  • Is this program suitable for all income levels?

    Yes, it is! Whether you're just starting out on your financial journey or you're already well on your way to your first million, MRI offers valuable insights and strategies for every stage of your financial growth.

  • How is this different from your other teachings and books?

    If you've read my books or followed my teachings, you'll find MRI to be a comprehensive and more interactive extension of those principles. This program not only revisits some of the key lessons from my books but also introduces new strategies and in-depth insights, particularly in the areas of property and stock investments, which are not covered extensively in my other works.

  • Is this program designed for individuals or can couples benefit as well?

    MRI is perfectly suited for both individuals and couples. The strategies and insights can be effectively applied regardless of your marital status, making it a versatile tool for anyone looking to improve their financial health. If you are married, get your spouse to go through the program together. You don’t have to pay twice. Just ONE person joins, and shares the login, then go through the program together. Both of you can also join the Telegram Group Chat.

  • Can’t I just hire a financial planner instead of taking this program?

    While hiring a financial planner is an option, it can be quite costly in the long run. Many financial planners charge fees that, over time, can significantly eat into your investments. MRI empowers you with the knowledge and tools to manage your finances effectively on your own, potentially saving you a substantial amount in planner fees. Plus, the program teaches you how to make informed decisions that a financial planner might not always prioritise according to your personal financial goals and lifestyle aspirations.

  • Must I do the assignment?

    You are an adult. I couldn't force you to do anything. But I highly recommend that you do all the assignments. Because that's when you get the best value out of the course. You need to understand yourself to get the best money coaching you will ever get.

  • Must I submit all the assignments?

    Nope. But I highly suggest you share your plan with me so I can provide constructive feedback and suggestions to improve. So you can get the best support from me without paying a 1-on-1 consultation fee.

  • Is there a 1-on-1 coaching session?

    Although there are many requests, I still don't provide this option even though some are happy to pay a lot for my time. That's why, even though there is no 1-on-1 session, I'll have a Telegram group in which I'll be active. So it is group coaching rather than 1-on-1. This means you pay a much lower fee to enjoy good support and direct access through the group. By the way, when you submit the assignment, you might be featured as a case study, but remain anonymous.

  • Will I get a personalised plan?

    If you want a personalised plan, you should look for a licensed financial planner because it is their profession to do that. However, do you need a customised plan or a coach who can move you towards becoming a millionaire? Planning wealth on the book is very different when it comes to practicality. Anyway, by going through the program, you will know how to devise your own plan.

  • Must I attend the live session?

    Nope. However, I encourage you to attend live. But that's optional because the recording will be available 2-3 days after the live event. And you can stream it anytime in the members' area—no time limit.

  • Why don't you do the webinar at night or on weekends?

    So sorry that I am still reluctant to do that because I treasure my time with my family. That's when my wife is free, and my son is not schooling. That's when we can have dinner together and hangout together. I wish this can inspire you to get your million ringgits too. That's when you can make the same choices as mine. Family comes first. Or whatever is important to you comes first. Money will be less of a priority.

  • What happens after 12 months?

    You will be a lifetime member of MRI. I'll not ask you to pay more for revision when we coach the subsequent batches of members. Recordings are available as long as I'm still in business. I'll also keep you in the Telegram group so you can follow the latest update or help other members if you wish. Essentially, you get lifetime access.

  • Is it suitable for newbies or fresh graduates with zero financial knowledge?

    Yes. You will learn the most as you can do everything properly right from the beginning. An empty glass is easy to get filled.

  • Is it suitable for people in their 40s or 50s?

    If you still haven't gotten your millions by your 40s, something must have been holding you back for the past two decades. So it is best to rectify that now so you can still reach retirement and enjoy financial stability. So, this program is very useful to you too.

  • What if I already got a million?

    Kudos to you! I want to ask you a question - what's stopping you from getting the next million? Will it be easy? If it will be easy for you, keep doing what you do exceptionally well. You probably don't need my guidance at all. But suppose you want to stay a millionaire and get the next few million with high certainty. In that case, this program will provide you with the necessary answers. I also welcome you to the group to help inspire others.

  • Is this applicable to Muslims?

    I'm a Malaysian, and I understand your concern as a Muslim, although I might not fully comprehend it. MRI is not an investment scheme. And the things I practised to get to the first million are all legit and practical. It is not against any religious belief whatsoever. In fact, Muslims in Malaysia have some advantages that not all Malaysians have.

  • I don't want to use a credit card. Can I pay through banks?

    Yes. Please send an email to [email protected] to ask for the bank details.

  • I don't have an income now. Is it worthwhile to join?

    I assume that there is a breadwinner in your family. Maybe you are a stay-at-home parent, and your spouse is making money for the whole family. You should join this course together with your spouse. It is best that you work out the finances jointly, like how I do it with my wife. You don't need two signups for MRI. One registration is adequate for you and your spouse to work on this together. You should use one shared login. But on the Telegram group, you can both join without extra charge.

  • What are the main investment products in MRI?

    Investment is just 1/3 of the finances we will work on in MRI. I invest heavily in stocks and properties. And you don't need other fancy stuff to grow your wealth, indeed. The problem is that most people don't know how to make these two investments properly. We will put you on the right track in MRI.

  • Is there a refund policy?

    Yes! And it is 365 days. By then, you have gone through the entire program. Prove that you have done all the assignments and have had no positive results. I will refund 100% of your money.

Watch How Sutharthan Mariyappan Benefited from KCLau's program

Try Millionaire Roadmap Intensive for a Full 365 Days, 100% Risk-Free

Dive into the entire Millionaire Roadmap Intensive (MRI) program. If it doesn't completely transform your approach to wealth-building, I insist that you get 100% of your money back. I'll even cover the credit-card processing fees.

Let me explain why I'm offering this rock-solid guarantee. When I developed MRI, I wasn't satisfied with the typical financial advice that's often recycled and lacks practical application. I wanted to create something extraordinary, not just another run-of-the-mill program.

Here's why I'm confident that MRI is a game-changer in wealth accumulation:

  • I've invested years and substantial resources into crafting this comprehensive system. It's not just about making money; it's about smart wealth management, savvy investing, and living the Freedom Lifestyle.

  • I gathered insights from diverse groups – from seasoned investors to those just starting their financial journey. We tested, refined, and perfected the content to ensure it's the best out there.

  • MRI isn't just theory. It's packed with practical steps, real-world scenarios, and strategies that have been proven effective. We've distilled complex financial concepts into understandable and actionable advice.

  • The program includes unique modules like "Buy & Finance Cars Like a True Millionaire" and "Property Millionaire Roadmap," offering insights you won't find elsewhere.

  • We've also included powerful case studies from individuals who've successfully navigated their way to financial freedom. These are real stories, not just hypotheticals.

  • Plus, MRI comes with a vibrant community and regular updates to keep you on the cutting edge of financial strategies.

I'm so confident in the value of MRI that I'm offering a no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee for a full 365 days. Try the ENTIRE program. If you don't love it, just email me within the first 365 days, show me you've engaged with the material, do all the work required, and prove that it has done nothing to build your wealth. And I'll refund your entire investment.

This guarantee is there because I know the power of the content when applied. I'm not interested in keeping your money if you're not gaining value. But, I do insist that you commit to the program and apply its teachings. I have spent decades learning, practising and planning the MRI program, and I'm eager to share it with those ready to embrace these strategies and build lasting wealth.

Remember, MRI is more than a program; it's an investment in your future, designed to offer value for a lifetime.

The Tragedy of Financial Mediocrity

How long have you been dreaming about financial freedom?

How many times have you scrolled through social media, seeing others enjoying luxuries and travels, while you're stuck in the routine of a 9-to-5 grind?

It's a stark realisation that right now, this moment, might be the freest you'll ever be. Yet, instead of taking decisive action towards financial independence, many of us get lost in the daydream of "someday."

Instead of confronting our financial barriers head-on, we let them seep into our lives, holding us back from our true potential.

When I asked, an overwhelming number of my readers expressed a desire to achieve millionaire status. So, what's stopping us?

It's not just about having information. The internet is overflowing with financial advice. Waiting another month or year won't bring change. If mere information were enough, you'd already be on your millionaire journey.

Imagine another Monday at work. Another year of the same routine. Will you still be pondering over the same financial worries? Dreaming of that vacation, owning your dream home, or simply having the freedom to enjoy a weekday on your terms?

Sometimes, what we need is a push from someone who believes in us, perhaps more than we believe in ourselves. Someone to guide and inspire us – someone who's been there. So that, years from now, we don't look back with regret, wishing we had believed in ourselves enough to try.

I believe in you.

I believe in you because I've guided countless individuals towards making wise financial decisions, achieving their goals, and living the lifestyle they've always wanted – even when they thought it was out of reach.

Tomorrow will be just like today unless YOU decide to make a change.

You might not know every step from where you are now to achieving that first million. And that's perfectly fine. That's where Millionaire Roadmap Intensive (MRI) comes in.

The most crucial step is the next one, the one right in front of you.

In just a few minutes, you could be on your way to joining a community of like-minded individuals, all on their journey to the first million ringgit.

Or, you could remain where you are, in the realm of 'what ifs.'

In a few days, you could be laying down the foundation of your millionaire roadmap, taking those first confident steps towards financial independence.

Or, you could be at your desk, daydreaming about 'what could have been,' regretting not seizing the opportunity.

In a couple of weeks, you could be implementing the strategies from MRI, seeing your savings grow, and your investments flourish.

Or, you could be trying to save a few Ringgit by cutting back on your daily cafe latte.

In a few months, you could be utilising all the step-by-step strategies in MRI, watching your wealth grow and your financial goals becoming a reality.

Or, you could still be searching for that elusive 'secret' to wealth.

In life, we're faced with a few pivotal choices that can truly change our trajectory. And it's rare that such choices come with a risk-free guarantee.

If you're ready, this choice can transform your life. It can lead you to a life of freedom, possibilities, and growth.

But the decision is yours to make.

If you've read this far, I suspect you're ready for a change.

You're One Step Away from Transforming Your Financial Future

When you're presented with a roadmap to financial success, will you seize it? Or will you procrastinate, saying "later," and watch this incredible opportunity slip through your fingers?

It's a tragedy to remain stagnant, to watch our dreams drift away, and to one day realise that our prime years have passed us by.

Now, if the Millionaire Roadmap Intensive (MRI) isn't the right fit for you, I completely respect that decision.

But if it resonates with you – if you're yearning to achieve financial freedom, and you feel that untapped potential within you, eager to be unleashed – it's time to make a choice.

Don't wait for a mythical "someday." Don't hold out for the perfect moment when you can miraculously strike a lottery ticket.

You've seen the evidence that my approach works. You've witnessed the success stories – from men and women, Malay, Chinese, Indian and other races, fresh graduates, approaching retirees, and people just like you.

If not now, then when? If not MRI, then what else will truly shift your mindset and set you on the path to financial success?

The decision rests in your hands.

As always, a year from now, you'll be a year older. The question is: will you be living the life you've always wanted?

Start building your First Million, and your Freedom Lifestyle — today.

Commit to the JOURNEY

To become a millionaire

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